Women’s Black Glove Glove

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Measure from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm:
Small 5 1/2 inches and below​
Medium 6 1/2 – 7 1/4 inches
Large 7 1/4 – 7 3/4 inches​
X-Large 8 inches and above ​

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The One Golf Glove (in black) is revolutionizing golfing. No longer do you have to be constrained to a traditional golf glove set up. We created The One Golf Glove to be the world’s first Single Finger Golf Glove. Get more touch on your club. Your hands will sweat less since they are more open to the natural environment. Men and women are able to wear their rings. No need to put them in your golf bag or in the cup holder of the cart.

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