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Who We Are

Being avid golfers our entire lives, we finally reached the point of maximum frustration with putting on and taking off our gloves on hot summer days. We became determined to find a better solution to this age-old problem.
We knew the areas we wanted coverage on our hands. Initially, we had perfect intentions but poor engineering.
After four years and countless rounds of golf (most of which were for research purposes), we have finally engineered what we feel like is the perfect golf glove. It gives us the coverage we need, allowing for our fingertips to maintain constant contact with the club and while enhancing our grip.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you The One.

No matter what your skill level, The One glove promises to deliver a more natural feel than ever before. No more taking off and putting back on your glove. Dry or wet this glove is the best grip you will ever experience. It is simple in design, durable, and will last longer than any traditional golf glove you have ever worn. Try it. You will love it.


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Experience The One Difference

Revolutionary Fabric

The One is made of the softest and strongest suede you can find today. It conforms to your hand and will last three times longer than the average glove. You can even wash it!

Wear Rings

No fear of losing your rings while playing; just keep them on! Your fingertips  are not covered with leather, so women can enjoy playing with long fingernails.

Natural Feel

Because of the soft, light  Ultrasuede and your fingertips on the handle of your club, you will experience the most natural feel you will have with a golf glove. Wear it while putting!

Sweat and Water Friendly

Neither sweat, rain, nor condensation from a glass of water will keep this glove from adhering to the club handle. Perfect for those suffering from hyperhidrosis.